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Worldwide Survey of Flowmeter Users, 2nd Edition Overview

As part of the research for this study, Flow Research, together with Venture Development Corporation, conducted an extensive survey of end-users, engineering firms, OEMs, and systems integrators.  The purpose of the survey was to answer some important questions about their use of flowmeters.  Companies from a wide range of industries were included in the survey, including companies from both process and non-process industries. The questionnaire included a number of questions about their current use of flowmeters, and about planned purchases.  Some questions were purely factual, while others were designed to reveal the underlying reasons for purchasing decisions.

The purpose of this survey is to provide a planning tool for flowmeter suppliers and users.  The survey presents the views of the participants about their flowmeters, and about their suppliers.  It seeks to determine what kinds of flowmeters participants are using and what kinds they plan to use in the future.

Prior to conducting the user survey, Flow Research contacted major flowmeter suppliers to ask for their input about what questions to ask in the survey.  In particular, suppliers were asked to list any subjects they would like to see addressed in the user survey.  Follow-up phone interviews were conducted with suppliers to get more detailed answers with respect to the survey. 

The following are some of the issues the flowmeter user survey addresses:

        Installed base of flowmeters by type

        What applications flowmeters are used for by type of meter

        Purchasing expectations for flowmeters

        What features users are looking for in new flowmeters

        Approvals required on flowmeters

        Use of flowmeters for liquid, gas, and steam

        Importance of accuracy, reliability, price, and repeatability in flowmeter selection

        Types of output signals flowmeters have

        Communication protocols on flowmeters

        Expectations for future use of communication protocols

In addition to the main body of the questionnaire, which asks questions that apply to all types of flowmeters, there were several sections of the user survey that ask questions specific to particular types of flowmeters. There is a section of the questionnaire devoted to each of the following types of flowmeters:



        Differential Pressure (DP) and Primary Elements

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