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In addition to off-the-shelf studies, Flow Research, Inc. offers the following services:

Custom Studies

Custom Studies

Flow Research conducts custom projects for companies who are looking to expand their product line, merge with or acquire another company, or understand their customer needs better. We are very experienced at doing user surveys that reveal hidden problems, emerging applications, and new product requirements. We gather the data and analyze it in light of our wealth of data on instrumentation. We then formulate strategies that help you achieve your goals.


Dr. Jesse Yoder is available for both telephone or in-person consulting. He can provide:

- Market data on a specific area
- Advice about strategies, acquisitions, product development, and marketing
- Information on barriers to entering various markets

We hope you'll take advantage of Dr. Yoder's 23 years of process control and instrumentation expertise.


Flow Research offer in-person presentations at your company on our studies or other topics. Customers has found that a tailored presentation to their team provides an excellent forum for stakeholders to come together and ask questions about the market. They are particularly useful for decision-makers who are less familiar with the flowmeter market.

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