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Ducker Worldwide and Flow Research Announce Partnership to Publish Instrumentation Market Studies

(Wakefield, MA) August 6, 1999 - Ducker Worldwide, an organization that specializes in industrial market intelligence, has formed a partnership with Flow Research. The two companies will produce a series of market studies on flow, temperature, and other instrumentation topics. The first project, due for release in October 1999, is a study of the temperature transmitter and sensor market in the Americas.

Founded in 1961, Ducker Worldwide is a recognized leader in conducting commercial, technical and industrial research designed to support clients in their business development and strategic planning.  Ducker encompasses a wide range of industrial products and their application in markets such as construction, transportation and engineering, using core competencies in market analysis, communications planning, and technology assessment.

Flow Research is a new market research company focusing on flow, temperature, and related topics.  Located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, Flow Research was founded by Jesse Yoder who has 13 years experience as an analyst and writer in process control. The company studies flow and temperature and products used in industrial automation and process control. To keep current with technology, Flow is opening a flow and temperature laboratory within the firm for demonstration and testing purposes.

Working together as partners, Flow Research will provide in-depth understanding of process control markets, while Ducker brings a breadth of resources and specialist expertise in value measurement and other research techniques. Both off-the-shelf industry reports and proprietary studies will be provided.

³This partnership provides expertise where it is most needed and wanted,² says Jesse Yoder, founder of Flow Research. ³The flowmeter market today is undergoing many rapid changes and there is a tremendous need for information in this area. Itıs great to be working with a company with complementary resources and a wide market presence.²

The partnership also wins praise from Nick Limb, partner and general manager of Duckerıs Industrial Standards Division. ³We are in the process of expanding our offerings of off-the-shelf studies,² he says. ³This partnership enables us to broaden our base while maintaining our focus on the in-depth primary research that is our hallmark. We see this partnership as being very positive for both companies.²

Among the focus of future reports are changes in flowmeter technologies, the expanding sensor market, and the growing need to control and measure flow in open channels for environmental purposes. ³We are especially focusing on user receptivity to new technologies,² says Yoder.

For more information about Ducker Worldwide of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, visit their website at, or call Nick Limb at 800-929-0086 or 248-644-0086. For more information about Flow Research, visit their website at, or call Jesse Yoder at 781-224-7550.