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New Flow Research Study Finds Stable but Changing Pressure Transmitter Market

Wakefield, Massachusetts; February 2, 2004 — While overall market size is not changing dramatically, important changes are occurring in the worldwide pressure transmitter market. This is one finding in a new market study from Flow Research called The World Market for Pressure Transmitters.  Worldwide sales of pressure transmitters totaled $1160 million in 2002.  Revenues are projected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 0.8 percent through 2007, when they are expected to reach $1204.3 million.

While market size remains relatively stable, important changes are occurring within the market. More suppliers are offering high-tier products, as end-users respond to the promise of greater reliability. High-tier pressure transmitters offer high accuracy and greater stability than their medium-tier and low-tier counterparts.  Multivariable pressure transmitters are having a significant impact on the market, and several new suppliers have recently entered this market.  Multivariable transmitters measure more than one process variable, usually pressure and temperature.  Some multivariable transmitters are also integrated with primary elements to form multivariable flowmeters.

Market consolidation among suppliers has continued within the pressure transmitter market, and has resulted in fewer total suppliers. This has led some suppliers to consolidate their product lines, in order to gain manufacturing efficiencies.  At the same time, suppliers continue to bring out innovative products that break through existing performance barriers.  Besides higher accuracy and stability, other advanced features include enhanced diagnostics and a wider choice of communication protocols.

While differential pressure transmitters remain under pressure from other flow technologies, growth is expected in gage and absolute transmitters, as end-users upgrade from pressure switches, gages, and transducers. Growth is also expected in level transmitters. The most rapid market growth is occurring in China, and in developing countries where more process plants are being built.  These countries are investing in chemical, power, and water treatment plants to meet the demands of a growing population that also wants an improved standard of living.

Flow Research, Inc.

Flow Research is a market research company that specializes in providing market data and strategies on flow, pressure, and temperature.  Dr. Jesse Yoder, who has 17 years’ experience as a writer and analyst in process control, founded Flow Research in 1998.  The company recently completed a series of ten market studies on the worldwide flowmeter market.  More information is available at www.flowresearch.com.

Another service provided by Flow Research is the Worldflow Monitoring Service.  This Worldflow service includes monthly reports on the flow and process industries.  These reports include the Worldflow Barometer, Worldflow Monitor, and Worldflow Perspective.  The service is designed to provide up-to-date information between market studies.  Flow Research can provide charts and graphics from The World Market for Pressure Transmitters upon request. 



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